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F.REE Minecraft Camp Workbook to take Home

Every Minecraft Camper takes home an awesome workbook packed full of really great content. This book has been revised hundreds of times to make it really relevant and really useful. There are also Youtube videos for every heading in this book on the Mind Buzz Youtube Channel. If you lose the book or want the latest one you can download one from our store or pay to get one posted out to you if you prefer the hardcopy one. They are free for every kid at camp!

At Minecraft Camp we start the day in a tutorial world where we do some crafting recipes from the workbook. We also have Crafting Recipe books that the kids can refer to during the camp and can be bought at the end of the day. The workbooks have a heap of commands that we use in the Economy survival world. We teach kids how to claim land and protect their containers and doors so they cannot get griefed. Griefing is the biggest problem on Minecraft Servers so we would rather just put systems in place to prevent that headache so the the kids can focus on creativity and connecting with each other positively.

After lunch we generally do a creative build in our plots world. this requires another set of commands and these are all in the workbook and on the Youtube videos too.

There are heaps of other cool things in the minecraft camp workbook too such as heaps of colouring in pages, info on ranks, how to get help! and how to get access to the server after the camp.


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5 Tips to Collaboratively Establish Rules for Playing Minecraft

Setting rules and boundaries around Minecraft is important and should be negotiated with your child. Children are much more likely to follow rules that they have been involved in creating. I recommend negotiating agreed rules about the following:

  1. How much time they are allowed to spend playing Minecraft? i.e. we finish playing at 8.30pm on school nights
  2. Some steps they can take if they get frustrated i.e. walk outside, pat the dog, have a drink of water
  3. What they should do if a Youtuber they are listening to is swearing! (I recommend you have a ban list of inappropriate Youtubers)
  4. Where are they allowed to play Minecraft (e.g., offline only, local multiplayer with friends, Xbox, servers)?
  5. How much money are they allowed to spend money on Minecraft? (I recommend that kids not be allowed to spend money on Minecraft if you can avoid it.) On our server we don’t charge for ranks, items or anything at all in the game.

Two months access to the Myndcraft server is included in the Minecraft Camp price and that can be extended either as a reward or gift from us or by purchasing a subscription.

Always state rules in the positive. Avoid the use of NO. Instead be creative and think of how to say the same thing but positively.

Some example rules could be.

  • We finish playing Minecraft before 8.30pm
  • I play and chat only with people I know
  • I never give my full name or any personal details to anyone EVER
  • If a Youtuber swears or is rude I turn it off immediately and do not watch any more of his videos
  • I treat others in the game like I want to be treated

Please let me know if you have some rules that other parents may benefit from in the comments below.