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Become a server dev on Mind Buzz and develop skills for life! 

Learning how to create, develop, run and manage a server will provide you with an extremely valuabe skillset that is in very high demand.

We have found the very BEST course online to teach these skills and have the perfect environment, Mind Buzz, for you to develop in.

Once you have mastered these skills then you can go out and build your own server just the way you want it! Or stick with us and help Mind Buzz grow and flourish.  

You need to complete a highly rated developer course to earn the developer rank

The MineAcademy group have made an outstanding course called Project Orion that teaches complete beginners the skills to be a Minecraft Server developer and owner. It has a foundation of Java so a Masterclass Course is included. These courses are external to Mind Buzz and are a requirement for being a developer. 

They are self paced courses broken down into weeks to give a guide to completion time.  You get lifetime access though so you can do it slower if school or life gets too demanding. 

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Java Masterclass

  • Week 1 - Assembling the war machine
  • Week 2 - A new world
  • Week 3 - Working with data
  • Week 4 - Mastering your craft
  • Week 5 - Beyond Java bonus

Project Orion

  • Week 1 - Becoming self-reliant
  • Week 2 - Mastering plugin making
  • Week 3 - The projects vault
  • Week 4 - Advanced plugins
  • Week 5 - The outer world
  • Week 6 - Minigames unleashed
  • Week 7 - Sales and money
  • Week 8 - Complete server setup

The Levels of Developers

Being a developer on Mind Buzz is a serious role and requires a level of maturity and dedication. We have two levels of devs and they are age dependant. If you are under 16 you will be a Jnr Dev, and if you are over 16 you will be a Snr Dev

Jnr Devs will access a copy of the core Mind Buzz server to develop, improve, and test ideas out on. Developments to the main Mind Buzz server will be made by Snr Devs. 

Devs will have access to everything: Console, FTP, Multicraft Panel, the works. There is a fair degree of trust involved here and every change will be tracked. 

BONUS for Mind Buzz players

If you are already an active Mind Buzz player and have been on our server for MORE THAN ONE YEAR we would like to support you with a partial scholarship to do the course. At the moment the course cost is $97 USD (Usually $600).

We will pay/refund half of that when you enrol. It works out to be about $150 Aussie dollars so we will cover around $75 of that. The $97 USD is a limited offer and so is the offer to cover half the course by Mind Buzz.

Just email Sean the receipt after you enroll with a way for us to get the $ to you (PayPal or a bank account) and we will give you back half. 

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