Admin Workbook

An admins job is to administer the server. It is to ensure the server is a safe, fun and supportive environment for all other admins, all moderators, all coaches and finally as a result of a happy and supported team the campers will all be well looked after. You are part of a large team so you should seek advice and support from others. You are not in this alone and help is always near. You can keep the peace by muting and banning people but our preferred method is to put people in naughty mode. You can also rank people up to higher ranks, give money, use world edit to fix and improve things and make suggestions to improve the server.

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This is the workbook used at the “Redstone Camps” that we do periodically. It covers the basics of what redstone is (it’s the Minecraft equivalent of electricity, circuits and wiring), then covers some recipes. It has great instructions for making a redstone¬†automatic door and then a hidden door.